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"All staff left feeling inspired and enthusiastic!"


"The standard of training was exceptional...All aims were covered; everyone left with confidence ... Provided clarity needed...Fantasic delivery of training, leader had a fabulous manner and great subject knowledge..."

Subject Leadership - Training & Development



Curriculum Design and Review
Bespoke Packages Available


These sessions will cover the following:


  • Curriculum review-whole school
  • Curriculum design-bespoke packages available to suit you
  • Subject leadership support
  • SLE-leading teaching of subject(s) within your own school
  • Team teaching-SLE leading lessons within your school-bespoke

Teaching and Learning reviews

(3 Days)

Within subject specific areas:  






All Foundation Subjects

Programme will focus on:

Moderation of Early Years / Key Stage 1 / Key Stage 2

Subject leader review—and training specific to areas for development

AfL—lesson observations, action plans, team teaching and planning units of work

SLE leading lessons within your school—modelling Outstanding teaching


Numacon Training

( 2 Days)

 Training and support provided by a highly experienced Maths SLE

Programme will include:

Whole school observations

Maths Leadership support

Lesson observations

Action planning

SLE leading lessons within your school—to model Outstanding teaching






Reading into Reading


This programme is aimed at Literacy leads that are looking for new ways to engage,

inspire and lead pupils to further their love for reading.


This training will deliver:


¨ Reading methods to engage, motivate and excite all pupils

¨ How to develop a ‘whole school’ approach and systems to teach reading and a love of texts

¨ Staff attending the training will develop ways to ensure that high quality reading is outline throughout school

¨ Strategies to engage parent and the community

The Mechanics of Drama


This course offers many different games, techniques and theories behind the craft of drama and how it can be                 

implemented within your own school.


Following the training, delegates will:


  • Develop techniques in teaching drama to a range of ages and abilities (Reception to Year 6)
  • Observe a year group during a drama lesson, exploring, in action, the         techniques of drama, which will have been explored on the course
  • Learn how to develop a whole school approach to the teaching of drama
  • Be provided with diverse drama activities and games to challenge learners
  • Look at drama and how it can be used effectively to impact writing



Fun with Phonics


This programme is suitable for anyone involved in the teaching of phonics.

This programme will include:


The different phonics phases

The phonics lesson structure

Ideas and activities to keep children engaged

How the teaching of phonics impacts on children’s reading and writing   development

The phonics test in Key Stage One



Assessment of Writing


 Participants will gain knowledge and understanding of up to date writing assessment procedures

and how to apply these effectively across their whole school.


This event is delivered by a highly experienced Primary Literacy and Assessment SLE .


The sessions are aimed at Literacy Subject Leaders and will include:


  • Session One-Early Years and Key Stage One
  • Session Two-Key Stage Two




Achieving Age Related Writing Creatively


This training event is aimed at Head Teachers, Literacy Leaders and SLT members

who wish to ensure a creative curriculum which  delivers Greater Depth writing across the whole school.

 Colleagues will receive expert NLE and SLE practical models for writing, using examples from Outstanding Schools.

This programme will include:


  • Practical support when developing a creative writing curriculum and will teach delegates how to deliver outstanding writing sessions creatively across Reception– Year 6 with measurable impact.





Teaching Assistant


Maths, Reading, Writing and ICT


During the 3 Half Day sessions, this course will cover the following:


  • CPA: examples of concrete and pictorial representations to support the appropriate abstract procedures that are relevant to each year group (including a list of the equipment that would be required)
  • Key vocabulary that staff and students need to understand and use
  • Ideas for greater depth tasks
  • Refresher into 4 mathematical calculations
  • Examples of variation



  • Whole class reading strategies
  • Strategies to improve 1:1 reading
  • Promoting reading for pleasure
  • Improving reading for all!



  • Effective use of ICT in the classroom
  • Showing the basics of general computer use for efficient classroom use
  • Comic Life
  • Whiteboard tips-effective use of whiteboards in the classroom
  • Time for questions 


We provide bespoke training for Subject Leaders in all subjects


"All staff left feeling inspired and enthusiastic!"