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Headteacher Performance Reviews



Head Teachers Performance Management

Performance management is based on research into best practice in this area by Dr David Eddy Spicer

of the institute of Education and published by the National College of Teaching and Leadership.

The aims of Hempstalls Teaching School HTMP are:

  • To provide schools, governing bodies and Headteachers with a clear, rigorous and
    effective process which maximises the potential for school improvement and staff
  • To develop opportunities for system leadership across the Alliance
  • To establish beneficial expectations around rigour and transparency
  • To provide clear and effective paperwork which embodies good practice

Inspection Skills for Senior Leaders

Reviewing Your School

An introduction to inspection skills for senior leaders and aspiring senior leaders.

This is a bespoke package provided by a registered Additional Inspector

or a Lead Inspector which can be tailored to the needs of your particular school.


  • Establish a thorough understanding of the purpose and nature of the inspection process
  • Develop monitoring  and evaluation skills and competencies
  • Encourage an understanding of and ability to contribute to corporate decision making
  • Produce highly competent and effective school leaders who will add value to school improvement
  • Recognise the impact of the new National Curriculum
  • Provide insight into how to effectively undertake assessment


Preparing for OFSTED - New framework

OFSTED for Middle Leaders & Governors 

Please see our brochure for more details