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Leaders of Education


I have been a class teacher at Hempstalls Primary School for six years. I am passionate about working collaboratively with colleagues to continually improve teaching and learning to ensure that all children achieve their full potential. I have taught in both Key Stages, currently in Year 2 with responsibility for Key Stage 1 SATS. I have been Key Stage 1 Leader and whole school Literacy Lead since 2016 and have also delivered and facilitated a number of courses, most recently NPQML, for our Teaching School. I have also supported a number of trainee teachers as a Teacher Educator and have supported one of our NQTs though her induction year. I have completed training in coaching and enjoy using this to support colleagues in their professional development; and as part of performance development. I was successful in being selected as a Senior Leader of Education last year and feel privileged to have this opportunity to work alongside other leaders to support them in bringing about sustainable improvements in their schools.


I have worked at Hempstalls Primary School for over 14 years and became Head of School in September 2018.

I have an adaptable positive pragmatic approach of leading a large team at Hempstalls that enables staff to work together creating dialogue around innovative approaches and the sharing of excellent practice. This has been further enhanced in my role as SLE working for Hempstalls teaching school where I have been deployed to work in challenging schools across the county whilst having a sound knowledge of current and future educational developments, specialising in Early Years.

Whilst on secondment I became project lead on the Early Years Quality Improvement project, funded by the National College. It was a real privilege, leading and implementing rapid improvement working with fifty settings across Newcastle, Stoke and Leek Moorlands inspiring them to change practice, raise standards and improve Ofsted judgements. Furthermore I contributed to organising and delivering high quality CPD training centred on the quality of teaching and learning whilst building networks to create a collaborative approach of working across the county, teaching schools, private nurseries and school settings.

I believe that all children deserve to become champions, they are our future and we should always go the extra mile for every one of them.



I am in my fourth year of teaching at Hempstalls Primary School working in Year 4 and Year 3. I value the importance of high standards to enable all children to achieve their potential. I am committed to ensuring that children are provided with inspiring learning experiences which allow them to progress and achieve. As a role model within my school, I am highly motivated and enjoy collaborating with colleagues to improve the outcomes for children within my own class, my year group and the wider school community. Working in an outstanding school has developed my leadership knowledge and skills as well as developing my understanding of successful strategic leadership. I have been Science and Music curriculum leader for three years and our Royal Shakespeare Company link teacher for two years. I also have experience of mentoring teaching assistants looking to become teachers, students and newly qualified teachers. I am confident in analysing data, supporting school action plans and monitoring. I have delivered many Science staff meetings in my own school and value the opportunity to share best practice. I enjoy working alongside teachers in my own school and look forward to working alongside teachers in other settings.



I have been a Governor at St Johns CE Primary School in Wetley Rocks in the Staffordshire Moorlands since 2004; firstly as a parent Governor and latterly as a Co-opted Governor. I have been the Chair of Governors since 2011 and am the Vice Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee.
I am also a Governor on the Interim Executive Board at Thursfield Primary, Harriseahead, Staffordshire and have recently been elected as the Vice Chair at Abbey Hulton Primary in Stoke-on-Trent.
I became an National Leader of Governance in March 2015 offer a range of advice and support for both Chairs, Headteachers and Governing Bodies. As an NLG I lead and deliver training sessions on Effective Governance, Introduction to Governance and the Role of Link Governors in particular. I have instigated and assessed governor skills and impact audits and developed a range of templates to support Headteacher Performance Management, minutes, and governor action planning; I can also support SEF development and strategic policy review for Governors. I am currently supporting new and existing Chairs of Governors.
I also undertake External Reviews of Governance.
I am active in the Staffordshire Governors Association; a peer-to-peer network of governors focused on offering support, mentoring and training to governors and which is independent of the Local Authority.
I am also a National College accredited Clerk to Governors and currently work in a range of school settings (both maintained and academies) across Stoke on Trent. I am also an independent clerk to a small rural school in Derbyshire.
Apart from governance I am a Chartered Town Planner and Member of the RTPI and my background is in strategic planning and regeneration.



The start of my teaching career was in mainstream schools where I had a particular interest in SEN. I am currently in my third year at Merryfields Special School where I co-ordinate Maths, amongst other subjects. In Maths, I have introduced new resources to the whole school, and led the implementation of the new National Curriculum, adapting our scheme of work to suit the needs of our children and providing training. Part of my role has encompassed mentoring other teachers, along with leading the school in various areas. These have included moderation, both within school and working with other local schools, APP, target setting with ways to share targets with children with SEN, as well as adapting the marking policy to ensure maximum progress with consistency across school. On a daily basis, I am meeting the needs of a mixed diagnosis group by adapting communication through the use of visual supports and makaton and by adapting the classroom and outside areas to meet the needs of children with behaviour and attachment issues. This has led me to create a safe space in the classroom for them to utilise, as well as a ‘nurture garden’ which I have created outside with the purpose of recreating early stages of development. I have training and experience of working with children with attachment issues and ESBD, as well as completing training on animal assisted therapy. I can offer support with Maths, as well as practical solutions for working with children who have SEN.



I have been the Head of English at James Bateman Junior High School for six years. During my ten years in the profession, I have taught in both secondary and primary environments, helping students prepare for either SATs, GCSEs or ALevels. Although the majority of my teaching now involves the lower secondary years, I have very much enjoyed teaching both the upper primary and secondary years.

Through a dedicated and creative approach, the school has made rapid progress in both reading and writing. Our data trend reflects the fact that progress throughout the school is good, and the results are above the national expectations. The school has progressed rapidly since our very poor Ofsted judgement back in 2013. Since then, we are so honoured to have received two Good ratings, the latest being awarded in 2018. In each of the latest Ofsted reports, reading has been highlighted as a key factor in our success.

Within the age ranges that I have taught, what never fails to impress me is the power of words and literature, and how texts can have such a profound impact on a young person’s development. Watching a disengaged, demotivated student begin to enjoy words, and feel empowered by reading them, is an incredibly humbling experience.

As the key lead for the English team, I also strive to nurture and cement the students’ love of writing. With a secure and confident grasp of both grammar and language, the students in school feel empowered to write confidently and imaginatively, for a variety of purposes and audiences.

I very much look forward to working with colleagues in the county, in order to focus on what must remain our main focus as teachers: to ensure all students leave education as fully literate, creative, confident and imaginative members of the community.


I have been Head teacher at Manor Hill First School since 2016, Manor Hill is a rapidly growing First School in Stone with an onsite Nursery, which accepts pupils from age two.
Since my appointment, Manor Hill has changed considerably and I am incredibly proud of the inspiring and creative learning community we have built here. We seek to go the extra mile for our pupils to deliver exciting learning experiences, which ignite a passion for lifelong learning.
Results have significantly improved as a result of the changes and we are now above national for all areas. Our school was judged as good by Ofsted in 2017 and we strive to improve our school further with all that we do.
I consider my job to be the greatest privilege and would welcome the opportunity to engage with other schools through system leadership.


Joshua Reddish

Specialist Leader of Education (SLE)

I have been a teacher at Hempstalls Primary School for 6 years and leader of ICT for the last 5 years. During this time I have introduced new technology to the school, monitoring its impact on daily teaching and learning. This new technology includes iPads. To ensure that the children have the best possible experiences using the iPads. I have completed the ‘Apple Teacher Program’ which helps me to keep up to date with new applications and ways of working.


Alongside my role at Hempstalls I work with the Keele and North Staffordshire Teacher Education where I deliver the computing and interactive whiteboard training to the teaching students.




I am currently Deputy Head at Hempstalls Primary School and teach Year 6. I am passionate about being the Lead Facilitator for the OLEVI ‘Outstanding Teaching Programmes’. I have been a teacher for the past 20 years and have worked in a range of Primary schools from small village schools to large inner-city schools. I have a particular passion for teaching beyond the classroom and lead educational residential trips and value opportunities such as Forest Schools.

During my spare time, I am a Cub Scout leader and volunteer for some youth groups in the community. Sailing, rafting, archery and climbing are among some of the activities that I enjoy participating in and enjoy supporting young people to ensure that they can also access these activities

Kate Baggaley

Specialist Leader of Education (SLE)

I have been the Assistant Head Teacher at James Bateman Junior High School for seven years. During my 25 years in the profession, I have spent time in several different pastoral roles.

My key responsibilities are attendance, behaviour and safeguarding. I am also an experienced KS2/3 Science teacher.

The school has gone through massive changes over the past 7 years, in its ethos, vision and structure. We endeavor to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that fosters excellent behavior for learning and develops in our pupils a curiosity and an enthusiasm for learning, which they will carry with them through their lives.

I relish the challenge of leading the continued development of improved behavior for learning at James Bateman. My belief is that if the pupils are engaged and motivated then progress and attainment will follow. To do this we need to maintain a flexibility in our teaching and take every opportunity to learn from others. Attendance at our school has consistently been above the national expectation and we are proud that pupils at James Bateman want to attend, and enjoy their time with us. In my leadership of the Progress Leaders for each year group, I have fostered an ethos of shared responsibility and viewing the pupils holistically. We have an excellent communication system and work together to provide the best outcomes for our pupils.

I am very excited about the opportunity to share my experiences with others through the teaching school and look forward to supporting you in any way I can.



I have been the Headteacher at Hempstalls Primary School for over ten years. Our school is an average sized inner-city community school with both a nursery and a provision for two year olds. As a school we are faced daily with challenging circumstances, there are many factors which would make it easy for our children to fail, but this is not the case. Over the last few years the school has made rapid progress and our results year on year are well above national expectations and progress throughout the school is excellent. As a school we are driven in the pursuit of excellence and this is at the core of everything we do, there is a genuine desire and passion to constantly improve learning. Our last Ofsted in November 2012, under the new framework judged the school to be Outstanding which as a team we were delighted with. The prospect of working alongside leaders is a very rewarding opportunity and to support them on this continual learning journey that we are all part of is such a worthwhile part of anyone’s job



I have been the Deputy Head Teacher at James Bateman Junior High School for seven years. During my 17 years in the profession, I spent ten years working in the primary sector before moving on to my current post.

My key responsibilities are curriculum development, enhancing pedagogy and improving the capacity of middle leadership.

The school strives to lead a curriculum that is both engaging and challenging; ensuing that pupils enjoy what they’re learning but more importantly make great progress. At James Bateman, we’re particularly proud of our KS2 curriculum; we moved away from a secondary model to a primary approach. This has paid dividends: our pupils make better progress and achieve great success.

I relish the challenge of leading the development of pedagogy at James Bateman. My belief is that there are many ways to facilitate great learning in the classroom, and I prefer to mentor and coach rather than tell professional how to do their jobs. I am passionate about using an evidenced based approach to ensure that what we do has an impact on pupils’ life chances.

Middle leaders are the ‘Engine Room’ of the school and helping them to develop into confident, creative and fearless leaders is something I am proud of. I welcome challenge from them (and get plenty,) but I believe an open, honest environment where ideas are heard, where skills are utilised and where leaders have opportunities to develop.

I am very excited about the opportunity to share my experiences with others through the teaching school and look forward to supporting you in any way I can.



I have worked as a class teacher in Key Stage One and Reception prior to specialising in the Early Years through my current post as the Lead Teacher at Oaklands Nursery
For the last twelve years I have had the privilege of working with a dedicated and outstanding team at Oaklands. Our practice is rooted in a deep understanding of child development and pedagogy that is based upon a wide established research base.
At Oaklands we continue to strive to remain innovative and up to date, with the unique child at the centre of what we do. Children from the age of two make consistently good and outstanding progress and leave ready for school, seeing themselves as competent and capable learners.
In my role as a SLE and as a Teacher Educator, with the SKITT, at Keele University, I am passionate about sharing best practice and enabling and supporting Early Years practitioners, to meet the challenges they face in their complex roles.  Ensuring the best possible outcomes for all children as they embark on their educational journey.



I have been a teacher at Hempstalls Primary School for 6 years, currently teaching in Year 6 and I have been the Key Stage 2 leader for 3 years. Furthermore, I have been the PE Coordinator for 5 years where I have been responsible for the quality of provision that we offer as well as the Sports Premium funding, ensuring that the PE offered at Hempstalls is not only of high quality but that it is sustainable into the future. Through this role, I deliver a number of PE specific courses in relation to the Sports Premium funding and have also supported schools on a one-to-one basis offering bespoke courses to meet the individual needs of each school I have been into to.

I have also completed the Middle Leaders course, gaining my NPQML qualification, as well as completing the Olevi Outstanding Teacher Programme in 2015.



I have been Headteacher at Sir John Offley CE VC Primary for twelve years. The school is a small primary school with a nursery. It serves an ex mining community and 30% of children are eligible for Pupil Premium funding. As a school team we are continually striving to improve learning opportunities and outcomes, which resulted in another ‘Good’ judgement from OFSTED in May 2017. I firmly believe in nurturing children and this has significantly improved behaviour in our school, which was graded as outstanding in our SIAMS inspection. One of my main strengths is leading by example and motivating staff through a shared vision and commitment to wanting the best for every child.

I have experience of providing school to school support for schools in the Requires Improvement category and I found this opportunity very rewarding. It enabled me to support schools with School Development Planning, identifying key priorities and success criteria, self-evaluation, action planning, data analysis, improving teaching and learning and strategies for behaviour management. I also have experience of successfully managing school budgets and I supported schools with their budget and staffing structure.

Prior to working at Sir John Offley, I was seconded, as a Deputy Head, to a school in Special Measures. I worked with the Headteacher to drive school improvement and when the school was removed from Special Measures, I became the Acting Head Teacher.

I have experience of working in five schools and three Local authorities. As a result I am aware of the challenges schools face whichever socio-economic area they are in.



Headteacher Parkside Primary School

I became Head teacher of Parkside Primary School in September 2012. The school was a satisfactory school with falling pupil numbers and a chequered history being at times both good and in special measures. After a year in post, the school was judged as good with the capacity to improve further. The school has improved further and continues to strive to improve developing a strong pedagogy of teaching and learning.

My ethos of education is centred around pupils, and ensuring that everything is done to meet the needs of all pupils and to ensure that they are successful no matter what barriers to learning exist. It is about developing teaching that motivates, inspires and captivates the pupils and ensures that we make their dreams come true.

Since 2012, as Head Teacher I have developed my skills in leading a school through rapid change, raising aspirations and ultimately pupil outcomes. This has been through hard work, real commitment and a desire to be reflective and to learn from others. I am delighted to be given the opportunity to now support others and to continue to learn from them. Working alongside leaders in developing and improving schools is so exciting and rewarding for all involved.



I have been the Headteacher at Oaklands Nursery School for over ten years. Before coming to Oaklands I have always worked in Early Years; as a teacher, an adviser for Early Years in Staffordshire County Council and now as a headteacher.

Oaklands Nursery is a stand-alone maintained nursery which takes children from age 2. The nursery has been graded Outstanding in the last 3 OFSTED inspections and children make exceptional progress.
The nursery has developed over the years to provide an innovative and highly successful approach to teaching early years children based around child led provision, meeting individual needs and ability and enhancing their confidence, self-esteem and independence making them capable and competent learners.
As an NLE and as a National Support School we enjoy working with other schools, settings and staff to help them develop their practice and implement new initiatives.


I am currently Deputy Director of Hempstalls Teaching School. I have been in post since February 2016. Prior to this role I was Deputy Head Teacher of Hempstalls Primary School, and have taught in all Year groups across Key Stage one and two, my specialism being a Year Six Teacher.
From 2008, I have worked in over 50 schools providing School to School Support and CPD. From 2012 I have been providing SLE work across Staffordshire and Cheshire in a range of areas, including Behaviour management, PSHCE, Drama, English and NQT support. As SLE for English and Drama I have worked extensively as a coach and have a proven track record for supporting schools in difficult circumstances and making an impact. I believe that I have strengths in working collaboratively with leadership teams to identify areas for improvement, assisting with the design and implementation of improvement measures.

I am passionate and dedicated to ensuring that all of our pupils receive the best possible education. I believe that there is no better job in the world than teaching. It is an honor and a privilege to work with children and young people. 



I have been a teacher for 7 years now and I am 2 and a half years into the role of Maths Leader. At Hempstalls, our approach to Mathematics has changed over the last few years. We follow a curriculum that is driven by a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach (CPA) and we have seen a huge improvement in the children’s learning methods and strategies, progress and results.

I am currently teaching Year 5, but before this I spent 5 years in Early Years, so I have a very good understanding of where children begin their journey at Hempstalls.
Over the last year, I have been a part of a school to school support system, where I have led staff meetings and observed and evaluated lessons to help raise teaching standards and Maths provision.

Throughout the last 2 years, I have been a part of various maths hubs and worked closely with our MAT to help improve maths practice throughout our schools. I have also completed the middle leaders course, gaining my NPQML qualification.



I have worked in schools in Staffordshire for the past twenty years.  I have experience of teaching across the age range from Y2 to Y11.  For the last six years, I have been the Headteacher at James Bateman Middle School, Staffordshire, and prior to that I was Deputy Head Teacher. During this time the school has gone from strength to strength and we are now one of the highest performing middle schools in the county.
As a teacher, and now as a Head Teacher, I have a passion for ensuring that all children, not just those in the schools in which I teach, enjoy the highest quality, successful education possible.  I firmly believe that as educators we learn best from one another, and I am excited about having the opportunity to support other Head Teachers as an LLE, as we work together to improve outcomes for all children. I am looking forward to sharing ideas, overcoming challenges and being part of the wider education community.
I have supported schools in Staffordshire and the West Midlands in a variety of ways including offering school to school support in areas such as reading, transition, effective action planning, tracking and data analysis, improving teaching to good and developing effective leadership.
Since 2013 I have worked alongside Senior HMI’s to improve reading and literacy across the curriculum. As part of this work I have presented at conferences across the West Midlands, Telford and Shropshire.